......and thanks for stopping by. My name is Darwin Holmes and I am an Extreme Sports Athlete, meaning I am heavily involved in many types of wheelchair sports, such as Football, Baseball, and Basketball. I am also a Gold Medal, Olympic Athlete. But, the sport I enjoy the most and created is Wheelchair Skateboarding. Yes, Definition of sepsis sepsis and... buy viagra safely uk Symptoms treatment sepsis faqs glossary faces of sepsis™ life after sepsis donate volunteer host fundraiser spike out sepsis bugs classic lucy and ellie's challenge sepsis in the news events media kit diagnosed with sepsis how to help sepsis survivors share your story literature links video library speaking to patients ems nurse's notes code sepsis gsa alliance partners corporate benefactors philanthropy planned giving sepsis & kidney stones common symptoms of kidney stones kidney stone treatments kidney stone prevention sepsis and... walmart prices on viagra More conditions what is a kidney stone? Your kidneys are the beginning of your urinary system. walmart prices on viagra Your urine is filtered in the kidneys and comes down into your bladder through a ureter, one from each kidney. buy cialis The urine is held in the urinary bladder until the bladder is emptied, when the urine passes through the urethra and out the urethral opening. A risk with kidney stones is a kidney infection, which can lead to sepsis. walmart prices on viagra Sometimes called blood poisoning, sepsis is the body's often deadly response to infection or injury. cialis reviews Sepsis kills and disables millions and requires early suspicion and rapid treatment for survival. Urine has no solids, but there are times when the crystals in urine join together to form a stone. cheap cialis Although there are several substances that can form stones, the four most common are made of: calcium – common and can recur cystine – an amino acid struvite – develop as a result of urinary tract infections (utis) uric acid – a crystalline compound how do you get kidney stones? viagra men taken women While we don’t know what causes the stones to form, we do know that some stones form more easily than others. http://buycheapgenericcialisonlinefromcanada.com Dehydration, not consuming enough fluids, can contribute to stones forming, as there may not be enough urine to wash out the microscopic crystals. Calcium stones, the most common kidney stones, seem to affect more men than women and they are most often in the twenties when it happens. generic cialis online Risks include: too much calcium in the urine caused by disease, such as hyperparathyroidism having too much sodium, usually taken in through sa. cialis online Wheelchair Skateboarding!

Over 4 years ago, after being paralyzed from mid-back, down, I chose not to sit around (YEAH OK!!!) and do nothing with my life. Since I was a skater in the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, before going off to the Army, I decided to try my hand at it again, but in my wheelchair. Now, I ride all the big stuff along with the able body pros that are good friends of mine like, Bob Burnquist, Bruno, and many other greats.

You can view more information, pictures and video clips about me by navigating thru my website here so feel free to browse around.

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Special Thanks to ESPN and Chris Shiepock and Shawn Seward.

Mega Ramp
Mega Ramp